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Motion Control

Motion Command
  • Jog Motion, Pos(Point To Point) Motion, Home Motion

  • Multi-Axis Motion

  • Coordinate Motion (Linear Interpolation, Arc Interpolation, Helical Interpolation)

Velocity Porfile
  • Trapezoidal / S-Curve Profile

  • Non-Symmetrical Profile

  • Jerk Control

Continuous Motion
  • Continuous Motion Using Motion Buffer (Blending Motion)

  • Linear Interpolation, Arc Interpolation, Helical Interpolation

Change of Command
  • Change of Position Command

  • Velocity Override

Gantry Control
  • Gantry Error Compensation

  • Gantry Error Diagnosis

External Command
  • External Deceleration

  • External Stop

  • Torque Limit

Position Error Compensation
  • Backlash Compensation

  • 1D / 2D Position Compensation

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